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This is really good. had no idea about this stuff. bought an expensive mic and it sounded like ass. changed these settings, and wow. many thanks.

Big H
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Very helpful tutorial! You made it simple, concise, and most importantly, you helped me improve my audio! Well done!

Ramon Hamilton
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Your videos are great, straight to the point and clear to understand, this was exactly what I was looking for! One question, do I need the splitter if I have a 2 phono to single 3.5mm jack cable? Thanks in advance

Julian Voigt Wedding Films
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I’ve been searching for this solution to hook my Zoom H6 to my mixer for recording. I just want to get my vocal mics hooked to my mixer and just have the H6 record, thereby using the mixer as the master control. This looks to fit the bill. Thank you for taking the time to make this very easy to understand video.

Al Luckow
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Thank you RAVKAN. This was very helpful and well produced.I subscribed! Looking forward to your other video creations.

John Davis
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Perfect tutorial, every second is designed with a teaching purpose, every action teaches, no wasted dialogue or activity.

Armin K
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Thank you so so so so so much for taking the time to make this video.I am a wedding videographer and just bought the zoom H4N and was so frustrated with constant distortion when plugged into the dJ Board for a line out of board in into the H4N.I bought the attenuator and used your set up and it worked like a charm.

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You’re an excellent YouTuber and teacher. Many folks could learn from your straightforward approach. I will certainly recommend your channel to my students. Thank you for sharing this.

Gabrielle Mitchell
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Oh man!!! Thanks a zillion. I came to learn how to record overhead shots just to know the setup for an iPhone! But you uncovered the mystery of FilMic Pro and MacBook Pro setup too! Thanks yo!!! 😇👍🏼

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